All those interested in officially documenting the EFC 2018 competition are welcome to contact us and send a short accreditation form. Thanks to it, you will get access to the zones closer to the competitors and the city of EFC 2018.

Rules for granting accreditation for the European Flyball Championship 2018

  1. The basis for issuing accreditation for the media, authorizing entry to the EFC 2018 competition area on 24-26.08.2018, is active journalist work, results in regular publications in the press, television, radio, internet or systematic running of own website / blog,
  2. Accreditations are issued on the basis of presenting a press card or active portals, channels, blogs, websites, which are related to the profile of dog sports,
  3. The deadline for submitting accreditation applications is 01.08.2018 at 12:00, after this date, only accreditations will be granted with a valid press card and a certificate of cooperation with the editorial office or an exemplary publication to which it is the author,
  4. Accreditations can be collected at the earliest on 24/08/2018 from 8:00 at the EFC office 2018 in the competition area,
  5. While performing journalistic tasks, the accreditation must be placed by the holder in a place visible to the security services,
  6. The accreditation does not authorize to enter the rings where competitions and zones for competitors are played,
  7. The organizer reserves the right to refuse to grant accreditation when the indicated medium is not consistent with the profile of the event, it is not updated on an ongoing basis or too many applications have been received from one editorial office / channel / account,
  8. Confirmation of receiving the accreditation will take place until 05.08.2018 to the email address provided in the form below.

Applicants for press accreditation are asked to:

  1. Filling the below accreditation form up to 01/08/2018,
  2. Publishing on the website / channel / blog / radio program information on EFC 2018 based on information available at, or sending material (texts, banners, photos) or copyrighted editorial publication,
  3. Sending, in the accreditation form, a link to the page where information about the EFC 2018 competition is published (field of publications),
  4. Please also provide a link to the website, which is tantamount to the process of verifying the credibility of the represented title.

Downloadable materials.

  1. logo EFC 2018
Accreditation form EFC 2018

I have read the regulations for granting EFC 2018 accreditation and I agree to contact by phone and email