The competition will take place in the heart of the Tri-City, in the Sopot Hippodrome. The Tri-City – Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia, together form a more than one million-strong agglomeration. Visiting the Tri-City facilitates excellent communication. The Tri-City is connected by a joint line of Szybka Kolej Miejska (SKM). In addition, in Sopot we can also find ZTM Gdańsk lines and ZKM Gdynia.

Sopot is a seaside tourist town with the status of a health resort. You will find here the most famous promenade in the country – Monte Cassino Street, where you can find numerous pubs, clubs, restaurants and galleries.

Gdańsk is one of the most valuable historical complexes in Poland. In the area of ​​the most representative street of Gdansk – Długa street, we find the most important monuments of Gdańsk, as well as restaurants, cafes and pubs.

Gdynia is famous for its cultural projects recognizable throughout Europe. The most recognizable tourist areas are the South Pier and Kosciuszko Square – here we can see museum units, find numerous restaurants and pubs.